‘Mom’ Exclusive Trailer: You’ve Never Seen Motherhood Horror Like This [Watch]


Motherhood and horror are a very popular combo, whether you read, watch, or play genre media. We’ve seen it throughout the decades and we’ll continue to see it until the end of time. But it’s exciting when a film comes along that twists those expectations even a little bit. Such is the case in Adam O’Brien‘s upcoming horror film Mom, starring Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creek fame. And we have the exclusive teaser ahead of its world premiere at Glasgow FrightFest.

Read the full synopsis:

A struggling mother is abandoned by her family and partner after a horrific incident. As she falls further into isolation, she begins to be haunted by a sinister entity that is determined to make her relive her darkest moments.

Watch the exclusive teaser now on Dread Central:

Hampshire stars in the film with François Arnaud (The Borgias) and Christian Convery (Cocaine Bear).

Mom will have its world premiere at Glasgow FrightFest on March 9, 2024.



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