Infernax Unleashies New Character for Halloween

Earlier this week, Infernax allowed players access to a new playable character. The free update features retro hockey masks, shotguns, and bludgeoning instruments for The Stranger. Try out The Stranger today by starting a new save on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. The indie splatterfest launched earlier this year. Name the file “stranger” and get to work. Just mind the kickback on that shotgun. Check out the trailer from The Arcade Crew’s YouTube channel.

The classic NES-style also includes gore-streaked mayhem. After your return from a great battle, you find your homeland overrun by evil. In order to save your people, you’ll need to carve a bloody swath across the country. Unlock secrets, learn great abilities, and collect spells to save all that you hold dear. Difficult choices will change the fate of Upel as well as the fate of The Stranger or Alcedor. Explore various paths, each with their own challenges. Choose Hardcore for a classic difficulty, or Casual for a smoother experience depending on your mood. Regardless, there will be plenty of demons to slay and places to go on your quest.

Infernax The Stranger DLC Screenshot
The Stranger trades a mace for something a little more modern. Mind the kick, though. It’s like a mule.

Infernax retails for $19.99 (or local equivalent) and is available on PC (via Steam), the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s on sale on Steam right now until November 1, so get it while the getting is good. Check out Jans’ review from earlier this year.

The Arcade Crew is a boutique publisher working out of Paris, France. The publisher produces and publishes original games with retro vibes from small teams.

Berzerk Studio began in Quebec City in 2008. The indie team creates inventive, challenging experiences that balance humor with high-quality and satisfying gameplay.



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