Dead By Daylight Teases New Found Footage Horrors And I Have THOUGHTS

Dead By Daylight

For a long time, Dead By Daylight has been the king of asymmetrical horror games. Given their constant updates, intriguing licenses, and more. But I think what they are teasing for the next reveal is something fans of not only the game but stretching all the way back to the Left 4 Dead infected speculation days have been begging for in a game. Behavior Interactive might just be crazy enough to have found a way to implement it finally.

The Mimic is an enemy type long wished by players of Dead By Daylight and almost every multiplayer horror game. While I went diving to try and find the Mimic once talked about by Left 4 Dead, players spoke about it on their community forums. That knowledge has been erased from the easily accessible internet since they switched over to Steam discussion pages years ago.

We have seen attempts at this enemy even more recently in Lethal Company. But there, instead of being a full-blown mimic, it’s an enemy in a player’s skin who will chase you down and barf blood on you. 

Dead By Daylight has a chance to bring player dreams to reality with this announcement. Looking back, you can see this killer concept on the Dead By Daylight Reddit from six years ago. At the same time, I don’t see a way to have this killer exist without implementing some form of A.I. They would probably need some serious changes to the end-user license agreement (EULA). Maybe some form of needing to opt into having voice lines recorded. Unless they time them to just the in-game character voices. Personally, I think pulling voice lines can be dubious but it would make for some exciting game design.

Only time will tell, and I am sure Behaviour Interactive has big plans for this reveal. Hopefully, we can find out sooner rather than later, but for the time being, brush up on your Dead By Daylight skills because it seems like we will all be meeting in the fog soon…



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