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ghost trekss - Latest Episode of Ghost Trek to Be Featured on Chill.comRecently Dread Central brought you a look at Michael Plumides’ horror/comedy series Ghost Trek. For those of you who missed it, both the original episode and a brand new one are available online.

Over at you can watch the original episode, Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report, as well as the newest installment, Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown, which drops on October 21.

For more info visit the official Ghost Trek website, “like” Ghost Trek on Facebook and follow Ghost Trek on Twitter (@ghosttrektv).

From the Press Release
From the producer of the Nightbreed: Director’s Cut comes Ghost Trek, an uncensored supernatural-comic-horror series based on a paranormal reality show. Ghost Trek follows the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society (PUDS) as they investigate the haunts across the US and abroad between tanning beds, babes, body-building and bong hits…all the while risking life and limb capturing the undead and unexplained on video. We’ve launched Ghost Trek on with the all-new episode, Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown (and Panel Show) dropping October 21.

The Ghost Trek series is not a cheap “parody” of paranormal reality shows. Admittedly, Ghost Trek pokes fun at all the ghost hunting programs (to the point where some people we target have blocked us on Twitter), but it’s much more than that. The Ghost Trek series is a dark, witty, bombastic bunch of buffoonery written and directed by Michael Plumides – a high-brow meets low-brow satirical indictment of reality TV in general.

Plumides said of the new episode, “One thing I noticed about the paranormal reality shows [is] they never hunt for the recently deceased so in the first episode, The Kinsey Report, I decided to write a ghost hunt based on the Jon-Benet Ramsey case with a little creepy pageant princess crossed with Lon Chaney’s Masque of the Red Death. In this new episode I wanted to take it up a notch so I’m thinking, the New York Body Snatchers – probably the most infamous cadaver farming case of recent memory. Then I thought, nobody ever has a gangster ghost so I based one specter on a ‘Sammy the Bull meets Joe Pesci’ hybrid and the other is an ‘infamous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe meets “Kids in the Hall’s” Cancer Boy’ type thing. Yeah, I’m a little disturbed.”

The ensemble cast of Goomba Body Snatchers stars Michael Melendez (Turning Home), Jonny Fairplay (“Survivor”), Julia Bullock (“The X-Factor”), Christy Johnson (Mortuary), Gia Allemand (“The Bachelor”), Disco Inferno (WCW wrestler) and Kevin Johnson (Prisoners), with appearances by Colt Cabana (WWE wrestler), supermodel Cora Deitz and Brett Gentile (Seeking Justice). The newest episode is written and directed by Michael G. Plumides, Jr., with additional material directed by Robert Filion, and produced by Plumides, Chris Pittman, Robert Filion, and Bill Walker. Executive producers are Pittman, Plumides and Anne Saunders. Make-up effects are by Martin Barry and Conor McCullagh.

ghost trek - Latest Episode of Ghost Trek to Be Featured on

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