Broken Pieces Launches on PCs Today

Broken Pieces, a paranormal thriller starring infernal cults and taking place outside of time, is out on PCs through Steam and the Epic Games Store today. Console versions for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One will arrive on October 31. There’s a slight discount to celebrate, which will run until September 16.

In a seemingly-empty village off the coast of France, a woman named Elise searchers for her fiance, Pierre. She quickly finds a lurking nest of evil within Saint-Exil. To survive, she will need to destroy them while keeping a watchful eye on her weapons and ammunition. Elise’s journey will have her discover the truth behind a dangerous cult, put together clues she finds, and solve puzzles inspired by urban legends from Brittany, France.

Through controlling aspects of the environment, Elise will be able to progress through the roadblocks and obstacles in her way. The original licensed soundtrack will only appear once she acquires the tapes left behind by Pierre, giving your first playthrough an ominously quiet and lonely atmosphere. Combined with the full handheld camera work, you’ll need to use the broken disparate elements (pieces, even) of the music, visuals, dialogue, and gameplay to put it all together.

Broken Pieces Environmental Gazebo
Elise approaches a wild gazebo in Broken Pieces.

“The mystery of Broken Pieces is out now and calls you all to solve it. The sense of isolation was our biggest focus and we have explored that in a number of ways one only can in video games. There is little to no background music, no NPCs to keep you company, just a portable camera that feels like it’s stalking you through the town. I think everyone can relate to that emotion and being able to convey what Elise is also feeling is something we hope people can really empathize with.”

Mael Vignaux, Project Lead, Elseware Experience

Based in France, Elseware Experience is a development studio with members who have experience working on games such as Dishonored. Broken Pieces is the team’s first collaborative title. The studio states that at its core, they just want to make cool, narrative-heavy games that leave an impact on players.

Publisher Freedom Games offers best-in-class services to its partners, providing players with unique, memorable experiences. It has over five decades of combined industry experience among its executive staff, and uses it to great effect to publish quality games and create better publishing experiences.



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