‘Monstrous’ Exclusive Cover: Morlocks Take Manhattan


 Recently, Monstrous Books announced its Kickstarter campaign for its new series The Omega Eleven, as well as the second issue of Monstrous, a comic book magazine featuring original stories. And we’re particularly excited about Monstrous because we have an exclusive look at its new cover!

But before we reveal the cover, check out our exclusive synopsis of the upcoming issue:

Monstrous #2, a black-and-white digest-sized horror comic book magazine, features a cover by Russ Braun (The Boys) and a 20-page comic, “Rise of the Morlocks,” by writer James Aquilone and artist J.K. Woodward. “Rise of the Morlocks” sees the creatures from H.G. Wells’ classic novella The Time Machine living under the New York City subway system in the 1970s. Monstrous #2 will also contain a reprint of H.G. Wells’ first-time travel story, “The Chronic Argonauts,” as well as a brand new short story, and an article.

Now check out the new cover!

Monstrous #2 - Russ Braun

The second issue of the horror comic magazine Monstrous will be available through Kickstarter along with the first issue of The Omega Eleven.

In The Omega Eleven #1The Merlin Job follows Doctor Omega, the character who inspired Doctor Who, and his companion, 14-year-old Jack Dawkins, aka The Artful Dodger, as they travel to Camelot to steal the Philosopher’s Stone from Merlin.



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