Real Human Skull Found in Goodwill Donation Box: “It appears to be historic, ancient” [Horror IRL]


We’ve gotten word of a shocking development out of Arizona. A Goodwill store in the city of Goodyear recently came across a human skull in their donation bin.

When an employee discovered the cranium, authorities were quickly called in to rule out any foul play. Goodyear Police Department public information officer Lisa Berry spoke at a press conference about the discovery and revealed that the medical examiner’s office has evaluated the skull and believes it to be historic.

Berry made the following statement at the conference: “We did speak with the medical examiner’s office, and they did confirm that it is, in fact, a human skull, but at this point, and this is preliminary, it appears to be historical, ancient and does not appear to have any forensic value at all, and what that means is that no crime is really attached to this skull.”

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The cranium appears to have been discolored over time and has a prosthetic eyeball attached to the left socket. The presence of that prosthetic eyeball seems to suggest the skull may have been used in some sort of decorative capacity before it was donated.

As shocking as it is to see news of a human skull turning up in a secondhand store, this isn’t the first time it has happened. In fact, we reported on a similar development out of Florida a while back. Like in this instance, the previous discovery proved to be historic and not related to any ongoing investigation.

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