Saturnalia Drops New Gameplay Trailer

Upcoming survival horror title Saturnalia released a new gameplay trailer. The single-player experience is a roguelite set in Sardinia, Italy, in the late 1980s. The trailer shows off some of the setting, story, and gameplay, including an introduction to the town of Gravoi and some of the game’s mechanics. First announced in 2020, Saturnalia plans to debut on the Epic Games Store, with more platforms planned for the future. Santa Ragione and Big Trouble have not announced a release window yet, so please stay tuned.

Drawing on authentic Sardinian culture and Italian horror films, a mysterious, ancient ritual occurs every year on the winter solstice. Each of the four playable characters has journeyed to Gravoi for their own reasons. They’ll need to use their individual talents to conquer the darkness lurking in their pasts and expose the secrets behind the town. Escaping alive is a bonus. Without any easy form of navigation, players must rely on signs and local landmarks to find their way around. They aren’t the only ones in the town, however, as a terrible creatures skulks just out of sight waiting to capture them. Stealth and strategy will keep your character alive, whether using tools to open up new routes or burning limited matches to keep the darkness away. The four characters will need to cooperate, which will let them cover more ground, survive attacks, and reveal new locations.

Saturnalia Screenshot Neon Building
Beware! Beneath the glitz and glam of the neon lights evil lies in wait for you.

Santa Ragione, founded in 2010 by Pietro Righi Riva and Nocolò Tedesci, is an Italian game design studio. Previous works by the duo include FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, and Wheels of Aurelia. The studio’s ambitions include devising new genres, breaking new ground, and continuing the tradition of excellence in Italian design.

Big Trouble works out of Milan. Founded this year by Lorenzo Silva (Potion Explosion, Dungeon Fighter, Railroad Ink, The King’s Dilemma), it is a new adventure into the world of gaming. Silva and the studio back up their ambitions with over a decade of experience in creating physical games.



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