Evil West Says Vampires Will Yee Last Haws in September

Evil West will launch its rootin’ tootin’ vampy shootin’ action game this fall. Starting September 20, you can step into the boots of Jesse Rentier as he works to stem the tide of blood-hungry monsters. Lasso it for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PCs. If you’re already intrigued, you can pre-order via Steam and the Focus Entertainment Store today and get some exclusive cover art. Focus Home dropped a trailer earlier today, too, which you can find on their official YouTube channel.

The over-the-top carnage takes place in a wilder, weirder west. Jesse is the star agent of his father’s clandestine monster-hunting ring, and the mission is deeply personal. The vampire army’s leaders lurk in the shadows preying on humanity, and it’s up to Jesse to take them on as the last line of defense. Evil West boasts frantic, fast-paced third-person action shooter gameplay with a massive arsenal of weaponry at your disposal. The combat looks stylish and visceral, letting you blow holes in vampires, punch them with your lightning-powered gauntlet, and deploy deadly Wild West gadgets.

Evil West Screenshot Burning Church
Do some good old fashioned cowboy bootin’ these guys back to Hell when Evil West drops this September 20.

Developer Flying Wild Hog works out of Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 2009, perhaps the studio’s most famous claim to fame is the Shadow Warrior series, which recently released its third mainline entry. Other projects include Juju, Devolverland Expo, Hard Reset Redux and Trek to Yomi.

Focus Entertainment publishes games across genres and platforms. The studio’s other projects include the upcoming A Plague Tale Requiem, Boltgun, Hood Outlaws and Legends, and much more. It offers a suite of services to developers. Services include AAA marketing, commercialization, and production services which help to deliver premium experiences to a global audience.



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