In Nightmare Haunting PlayStations this March

Starting March 29, In Nightmare will be available to haunt PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Terror threatens to overwhelm at every junction, as shown in the game’s new trailer. At the moment, you can pre-order the game from the official website. The team has not announced a PC release at this point in time.

A young boy, closed off from the world, falls into a deep slumber. The realm of dreams, however, borders the realm of nightmares. Now, these nightmares have come alive and begun to harry him at every turn, mirroring his broken family in the waking world. He will face what is truly in his heart and come to a decision. Will he lock himself away for good, or cling to hope even as he spirals into unrelenting darkness? The new In Nightmare trailer shows off some of the new puzzles awaiting the player, and can be found on the official Maximum Games YouTube channel. Only with the help of his dream spirit can he evade pursuit and overcome the challenges in his way.

In Nightmare Library Screenshot
The library here combines the refined comfort of warm light with hellish looking, gnarled trees in the background.

Maximum Games has won various awards acting as a video game publisher. Their work includes Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and In Nightmare. It boasts over 300 titles under its belt, becoming one of the top 20 global games companies since its founding in 2009. They also operate the Modus Games and Modus Studios publishing labels, and are part of the Zordix Games group.

Magic Fish Studio, based in Shanghai, China, includes a number of seasoned developers among its staff. The team strives to create innovative experiences in a digital space and bring titles to a global audience. In Nightmare is the studio’s first big official release.



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