DAP Releases This Month on Steam

DAP releases in just two weeks on Steam, according to the duo behind the project. DAP will arrive on September 29. The title marks the studio’s debut. DAP is off to a strong start, and has already won two awards at the 2021 BitSummit for both Excellence in Sound Design and the Vermilion Gate award.

Describing itself as a “feverish dream between Pikmin and Mononoke,” DAP has players collect and guide a flock of creatures known as Daps. The cute little squadron will traverse a nightmarish forest while tackling twisted abominations and solving puzzles. There are secrets to unveil, too, such as why the mysterious infection sweeping the forest can infect and mutate the adorable Daps into something truly horrific. The more Daps that band together, the stronger they become, but neither the Daps nor the player are immune to the perils of the forest. Only through ingenuity and the utmost of caution can the Daps make their way to safety.

DAP Releases Screenshot Bones
DAP features an eerie, yet quite beautiful, aesthetic sharply contrasted by the forest’s virulent corruption and rot.

DAP releases on Steam this month. There has been no confirmation of the title coming to other storefronts or consoles at this time. You can Wishlist it now, of course, on the official Steam page and get the latest information about DAP and the titular little critters. There’s a fresh new trailer to check out, as well, so feel free to do just that.

Melting Parrot, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a two-person team formed by married duo Iris and Paul Antstey. Both members of the team worked on the design. Iris specifically handled the art direction and coding for DAP, while Paul tackled the level design and audio. DAP is the couple’s debut game. You can follow the official Melting Parrot team on their official Twitter account.



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