Dap Releases New Trailer, Coming to PC Q3 2021

Melting Parrot, an indie dev duo based in Australia, released a new trailer for Dap. Dap is an action-adventure game with a dash for horror, set for release in Q3 2021. The trailer combines live-action footage with gameplay to create a teaser trailer for the upcoming game. Dap is also Melting Parrot’s debut game, and made using GameMaker Studio 2.

Players guide a group of the tiny titular creatures through an inhospitable, corrupted world. The more Daps, the stronger the little critters become. A large enough group can take on the otherworldly horrors, unlock new areas to explore, and even solve puzzles. However, the mysterious infestation corrupting the forest can infect the Daps as well. When they succumb, they pull a Gremlins and become little monsters. The player must be careful and deliberate, or risk the pack of little Daps becoming little deads.

Dap Screenshot
There’s a darkly whimsical element to the visuals that makes them look quite charming.

Players will recruit and protect their little herd. They’ll also explore the lush pixelated world and take their Daps through eerie environments. Dap will force them to confront otherworldly terrors and beings while they learn the truth behind the forest’s corruption. The game will also feature scavenging and crafting to improve their odds of survival. And, between levels, the player can tend a garden in the spirit world.

Melting Parrot is comprised of Iris and Paul Anstey. The couple works out of Melbourne, and share a love for the weird, whimsical, and wonderful. As the first game by Melting Parrot, Dap seeks to combine all of the genres the two are passionate about.

As always, don’t forget to check out the trailer. You can also Wishlist it on Steam and try the Dap demo. Follow the page, too, so that you can get the latest news straight from Melting Parrot.



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