XCOM Meets Bloodborne In New Strategy Game Black Legend

Renaissance-era gothic XCOM was not something I knew that I wanted, but now it is. Belgian studio Warcave released the first trailer for their upcoming game, Black Legend. It’s a turn-based strategy game that has you maneuvering a squad of mercenaries into a cursed city. 

Black Legend takes place in the formerly prosperous metropolis of Grant. A cloud of fog, summoned by cultists worshipping a powerful alchemist named Mephisto, has descended on the city, driving those within to madness. To rescue survivors and save Grant, you must take up arms in order to fight back the cultists controlling the city. Or rather, hire other people to take up arms for you. 

As a Belgian studio, Warcave has added in all kinds of mythological creatures from Western European lore. “Black Legend fills the city of Grant with creatures from Belgian, Dutch, and German folklore like nekkers, Halewijn, Witte Wieven, and Old Red Eyes.” But fear not these foul creatures. Bust out the lucerne and the arquebus and whatever other ridiculous Renaissance weaponry you can think of because you’ll have plenty of customizability for your mercenary squad.

Black Legend has no release date yet, but for more information, you can check out their website here. And to wishlist the game on Steam, click here



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