Ghostrunner Trailer Is A Cyber Speedrunner’s Dream

Ghostrunner was also among the games to receive a new Gamescom 2020 trailer. This 30-second teaser isn’t nearly as much as we would have wanted. But a tiny bit of gameplay footage is plenty for giving us an idea of how Ghostrunner will play, and it seems like it will be really really fun to play. This extremely high speed “FPP,” first-person platformer, is the lovechild between Ruiner and Mirrors Edge, combining urban parkour and lightning-fast katana combat.  

Ghostrunner takes place in the last cyber-refuge on cyber-earth. After a cataclysmic event forces all that remains of humanity into Dharma Tower, a massive superstructure city ruled by a villain called the Keymaster. Your job is to climb the Tower, and with your cyber-katana and cyber-parkour, hopefully cyber-kill the Keymasterl. Standard cyber-stuff.

There’s also a private beta test that should be coming soon. 7You can register for the Ghostrunner private beta by clicking here. And for more information, check out their website by clicking here.



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