Metal: Hellslinger Is Demons Demons Revolution

Metal: Hellslinger is an upcoming first person shooter and rhythm game. Created by The Outsiders, a studio working with Funcom, Metal: Hellslinger is a game where the music is just as important as the visuals. With an obviously heavy metal soundtrack, created by artists like Matt Heafy and Bjorn Strid, Metal: Hellslinger could surpass even Brutal Legend and Valfaris for the most metal game ever. 

In Metal: Hellslinger you take the role as The Unknown. Half demon and half man, The Unknown seeks to fight their way through the eight layers of Hell (there’s technically nine but the first one is Limbo, and it would not be apropos for the hero to be killing unbaptized babies and virtuous pagans). 

The gameplay for Metal: Hellslinger is a FPS which incorporates rhythm into the flow of gameplay. Similar to Curse of the Necrodancer, you get a “beat streak” as you go. The better you are at shooting to the beat, the more damage you do and the more intense the music becomes. 

For more information, you can check out the Steam page for Metal: Hellslinger here. And you can visit the game’s website by clicking here



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