Anthology Of Fear Releases New Prologue Demo For Their Atmospheric Survival Horror Game

Anthology of Fear has released a free prologue demo for their upcoming horror game. The prologue will introduce players to the first story of Anthology of Fear, the full game of which takes place through three different stories. Each story will have a new setting, atmosphere, and even different gameplay, according to developer Piotr Rycąbel.

In the prologue of Anthology of Fear, you play as Nathan Soren, who must return to the “special place” of his family, per the dying wish of his late brother. But of course, this special place is not at all what it seems, and though the trailer gives little detail how, we can safely assume you will feel more than a little fear. 

Anthology of Fear is a survival horror game that aims to frighten players less with jumpscares and more by creating a deeply unsettling environment. Exploration, atmosphere, cinematography, and audio create a more terrifying experience than any jumpscare ever could, and this trailer and demo show this fact in full. 

For more information or to try out the game for yourself, check out the Anthology of Fear demo Steam page by clicking here.



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