Horror VR Survival Shooter Into the Radius Gets New Story Trailer Alongside Major Update

Ever since Into the Radius dropped into Steam Early Access on November 6th, it’s gotten some pretty mixed reviews. While players pretty much agree that the tone and world are top-notch, many have complained about the game’s playability. Even with the tutorial, the game definitely has a “die and try again” mentality. Which can be a bit of a pisser when your body drops all your loot a million miles away and a dozen enemies have decided your corpse is where they are going to host their AA (Anomalies Anonymous) homegroup. Luckily, the developer CM Games has been hard at work delivering updates for the fans. It’s part of a new trend of games that actually deliver on their Early Access promises, a trend I hope becomes a real big thing in the industry.

The newly released Update 4 brings a lot of functionality features to Into the Radius. I know, gameplay polish might not sound sexy. But it is when you’re used to just guessing where things are because the map sucks. The new map not only looks better, but will now mark significant landmarks for your looting pleasure. No more wondering if that giant abandoned factory in the distance has some juicy artifacts, or is just a zone the devs haven’t finished yet. Here’s a full list of new features:

  • Mission map improvements, and a more accurate paper map that marks significant landscape features.
  • Improved tactical vest where inventory slots can now accept multiple item types. Mag holsters will now magnet the mag if dropped close enough and the side pouch looks and works more in line with the backpack.
  • Improved tutorial.
  • Shop prices, gameplay balance, and loot have been tweaked to be more fun. The game will start off with easier versions of fragment monsters, rusted weapons, and equipment to find and loot, along with bigger payouts for artifacts in the shop.
  • Added 20+ different cassette tapes hidden all over the game map.
  • Player base and shop look and feel improvements.
  • New backpack model and animations.
  • New art for the knife, new art and improved lighting for the flashlight.
  • Improved the player’s body, stopping it from getting in the way when the player is crouching or playing seated.
  • Fixed bugs in item repair, and with item loss in some cases of death in anomalies.
  • Performance improvements with more options to tune performance and visual quality.

The update comes with a new story trailer, that gives players a bit of an idea of what to expect from Into the Radius. Kind of. It’s still vague. But what do you expect? It’s a game inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Clear answers are strictly forbidden in the zone. If you’re a VR fan and want to get in on the action while it’s still in Early Access, you can head on over to the Steam store page here and pick up Into the Radius for 10% off ($27).



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