[TGA 2019] Telltale Games Reborn With The Wolf Among Us 2

Now this is a genuinely surprising announcement. When Telltale Games declared bankruptcy back in October 2018, it was reasonable to assume that that was the end of many of their long-running franchises. While The Walking Dead got a proper end, most of their other games were still waiting for sequels. The Wolf Among Us fans were waiting longer than most, with the last episode releasing in 2014. The Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s take on the popular Fables comic franchise, and followed the adventures of Bigby (The Big Bad Wolf) as he sought to keep the peace in a land of exiled fairy tale characters. It was considered dead even when Telltale was still alive, passed on for more profitable and sexier IPs. Well, it seems that in the land of exiles, The Wolf Among Us Is given a second chance to shine. Announced during Thursday’s The Game Awards, a trailer dropped for The Wolf Among Us 2.

If you’re scratching your head right now wondering how Telltale is still around, you’re not alone. When Telltale shut down in 2018, they did so by laying a ton of people off without warning. It was quite the scandal, and Telltale is still reported to owe tons in backpay to their previous employees. The company filed for bankruptcy and liquidated most of their assets. While many of their IPs such as The Walking Dead and Stranger Things reverted to their original owners, titles like The Wolf Among Us and Batman were picked up by LCG Entertainment. LCG relaunched Telltale Games as a trade name, with the goal of producing new games and re-release the old catalogue. If you’re unfamiliar with what a trade name is, essentially they use the name Telltale Games to make “Telltale Games” brand games, but aren’t actually registered as Telltale Games.

In its current form, Telltale Games has only been offering freelance work without any timeline for fulltime employment. Not the best way to run a videogame studio. So is The Wolf Among Us 2 just a cheap cash-in exploiting our nostalgia? Maybe not. Telltale Games is partnering with AdHoc Studio, which was formed out of previous Telltale employees. Which must make meetings rather awkward. But in any case, I’m happy to see The Wolf Among US alive again.

Details on The Wolf Among Us 2 are just what we see in the trailer. There’s no announcement as to platforms, price, or release date yet. But if you want to experience the original The Wolf Among Us, it’s free on the EPIC Games Store for a limited time.



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