‘Zoochosis’ Trailer Shows What Happens When ‘The Thing’ Meets a Zoo

Yesterday, something incredible and remarkable happened. We got a glimpse at what I can only describe as nightmare fuel in a zoo.

Enter Zoochosis.

In Zoochosis, we take on the role of a night-time zookeeper. The player’s role is to identify infected zoo mutant animals, find out how to make a vaccine, and attempt to cure them. It looks like from the trailer that this won’t be an easy goal to accomplish, but surely, there will be ways to cure them all.

Little is known about the overarching story, and we haven’t seen an in-depth look into Zoochosis, but from the visuals alone, it is clear that this zoo is infected with some kind of parasite that takes over their host’s body. With a release date of Q2 2024, it seems we won’t have to wait too long to see what exactly Zoochosis is.

Developer Clapperheads previously released Sparky Marky, in which players explore an abandoned children’s recreational camp and uncover the dark secrets covered up by its founders. There’s also an interesting Alternate Reality Game (ARG) portion of the game that takes place on their discord server, in which you would input specific commands to expand the lore further. The game is currently free on Steam. 

With bodycam horror games on the rise, it will be interesting to see when the first major one lands and if the wait will be worth it. Between Digested and Zoochosis, it seems a lot of these games will be focused on the body horror aspect. From a first-person perspective, this could be an interesting take.

When you look at the trailer and the big takeaway is The Thing meets a zoo, expectations will be high. I can’t wait to see more of the gameplay and hear more from the dev on how they are bringing this horror to reality.



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