Teens Murder Friend Because Ouija Board ‘told them to’ [Horror IRL]

Ouija: Origin of Evil

We have gotten word of a horrifying story unfolding in Patio Bonito, Colombia. In April of last year, 17-year-old Jose Mauricio Ospina was reportedly killed by a group of his peers following the use of an Ouija board.

The case is now back in the headlines because local authorities have yet to make major headway in their investigation and Jose Mauricio’s mother, Claudia Velasquez, is desperate for definitive answers.

The case is still under investigation by Colombian authorities but local news media reports suggest that at least one of the yet unnamed participants claims the Ouija board was to blame for the young man’s tragic and untimely passing. They said, “The board told us to do it,” and added that the spirit board “chose” Jose Mauricio as its intended victim.

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Another of Jose Mauricio’s friends told law enforcement that they had taken LSD before using the Ouija board. However, the victim’s toxicology report was negative for LSD. The unnamed participant is on record as telling officers, “I saw colorful figures; then, my classmates hitting the wall, and then Mauricio on the floor covered in blood. I knew that all of that was a dream.”

According to an autopsy report, Jose was strangled to death. Upon discovery, his body had significant bruising and it was clear that he had been moved post-mortem. Jose Mauricio’s body was found face down and unclothed, wrapped in a sheet.

The boy’s mother describes him as “…very judicious, dedicated to his studies, he had good grades, when he didn’t have school he had to go to McDonald’s to work.”

Our hearts go out to Jose Mauricio’s family in this dark time. And we hope the coming months bring closure to this unspeakable tragedy.

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