Scream Loud With the Queens of ‘Sorority Babes’ [New Blood News]

Scream Queens—the backbone of any successful B-movie camp found in the world of cinema. Back in the day, they were just as much titans of horror as the monsters/slashers/fanboys that terrorized them. Linnea Quigley, Linda Blair, and Dee Wallace are just a few of the MANY notable Queens I could mention. Nowadays, the title isn’t brought up nearly as much in the public zeitgeist, but it’s far from dead.

New Queens have screamed just as high a pitch as their predecessors, including Samara Weaving, Jane Levy, Mia Goth, Maika Monroe, the list goes on and on. Those are the true queens of the scream court, though—the indie scene has their ladies-in-wailing waiting in the wings as well. Acrostar Films is bringing them to the spotlight with their new short film, Sorority Babes!

In the film, “Two villainous entities initiate gorgeous sorority babes, will any pledges survive? Party ’til you drop … dead!

We have some heavy hitters of the indie Scream Queen scene in this one, including Lynn Lowry, Ann Myrna, Angel Nichole Bradford, Jessa Flux, Morrigan Thompson, Kelsey Livengood, Mia Katz, and Ashleigh Amberlynn. Also worth mentioning is that Bradford is directing the short, which I believe will be her directorial debut, so that’s exciting! This short will serve as a proof of concept for a feature-length film titled Night of the Dead Sorority Babes, which I’m sure will be featured here in the future.

You can support the Sorority Babes Indiegogo right here, and help them scream as loud as the rest of them!

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