‘I Will Never Leave You Alone’ Trailer: Disturbing New Witchy Horror Will Haunt Your Dreams

I Will Never Leave You Alone

Examining trauma through the lens of horror isn’t necessarily new. But in his new film I Will Never Leave You Alone, writer and director D.W. Medoff creates a terrifying, and disturbing, spin on that trope. So disturbing, in fact, that it triggered a few walkouts during its world premiere.

Read the full synopsis below:

After being released from prison, a brooding man with a dark past is forced to stay in a haunted house to clear it of spirits. If he leaves, he goes back to prison, but the witch-ghost may be more punishment than he can withstand.

Check out the film’s new trailer:

But I Will Never Leave You Alone isn’t just about shocking its audience—it’s about examining the importance of knowing when to ask for help. In his director’s statement, Medoff said,

I Will Never Leave You Alone is a grim horror movie that explores some very real themes of grief, depression, and isolation. Writing and directing this script helped me deal with mental health issues, but I hope that bringing this story to life gives people a chance to see that many of us are suffering alone. 

Being unwell can take away our voices and make us suffer without help, and when that happens things can spiral out of control. Our main character is an ex-con without a voice thrown into a horrible situation. He is physically unable to ask for help which is a metaphor of how hard it can be for people to ask for help sometimes.

I Will Never Leave You Alone is a horror movie, but it is also a warning: please ask for help when you need it.”

I Will Never Leave Alone is still on the festival circuit, but keep an eye on Dread Central for more news about the film’s release!

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