‘The Jester’ Exclusive Clip: A Liquor Store Massacre

The Jester

Since 2016, Colin Krawchuk has been delivering bite-sized teasers of his horror villain the Jester. His series of short films about the masked horror was a viral sensation, with fans begging for more. Now, Krawchuk’s creation is getting his own feature-length film in a film simply titled The Jester, out now from Dread, a sister company to Dread Central.

In the film:

After the recent death of their father, two estranged sisters find themselves being stalked by a malevolent being known as The Jester. Revealing himself to be more than just a man in a mask, the evil entity begins to further torment the inhabitants of this small town on Halloween night. The path to defeating this unholy monster lies with the two sisters who realize that the only way to survive is to figure out how to right the wrongs of their dark past.

In our exclusive clip, one of the sisters is running from the Jester after a terrifying encounter on Halloween night. But the fluorescent lights of a corner liquor store can’t protect her from the villain’s devious tricks.

Watch the clip below:

Krawchuk wrote The Jester with Michael Sheffield. Sheffield also played the original Jester in the original short films. Lelia Symington (Brut Force), Matt Servitto (The Sopranos), Ken Arnold (Swagger), and Sam Lukowski (Satanic Hispanics) star in the film. 

The Jester is out now on digital and VOD.



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