Synapse Restoring the Original Prom Night

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Synapse Restoring the Original Prom NightJust because we’re busy in San Diego with Comic-Con, that doesn’t mean we are not keeping a watchful eye on the news everywhere else. This latest bit coming in from the Synapse Films Facebook page actually has us pretty giddy!

From the page…
And so, today, I have another surprise (although many of you kind of figured this was coming based on yesterday’s reveal of CURTAINS). The [Prom Night] negative is reportedly in poor condition, but we’re diving in today after our lab has performed many hours of fixing splices and repairs… A TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE-like restoration may be in order to make this work, but Synapse is up to the task.

The sheer joy caused by the mere thought of seeing Jamie Lee Curtis performing her DANCE OF DISCO FURY™ in full 1080p is just staggering! Just too much for the mind to process! This chick’s dance? This is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Directed by Paul Lynch and starring Curtis along with Leslie Nielsen, this 1980 classic brings back the memories, for sure!

A masked killer stalks four teens, responsible for the accidental death of a child six years earlier, at their high school’s senior prom.

Prom Night

Prom Night

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