‘Pizza Guy 8’: New Micro-Budget Horror Follows A Pizza Guy On A Surreal Rampage

Pizza Guy 8

A new micro-budget feature film from Troma alumnus Tate Hoffmaster and producer Dylan Mars Greenberg, Pizza Guy 8, is raising money on Indiegogo. The film is shot entirely on VHS and serves as a campy homage to shot-on-video horror with a meta twist.

In filmmaker Hoffmaster’s words:

“It’s a movie about a nice pizza delivery guy who gets pushed around and starts going on a killing spree until he realizes he’s in a horror movie and tries to escape.

My intent with the film is to comment on the monopolization of film and how indie films are the only front against that, as well as how the commoditization of media is ruining film. On another level, it’s about how we must separate ourselves from art to truly enjoy it.”

The film features Mr. Lobo (Plan 9, Cinema Insomnia) as the film’s headless villain, Walter Quisby, and Amanda Flowers of Shakespeare’s Shitstorm fame.

“I loved the script, and recognized immediately this is not a run-of-the-mill low-budget film,” says producer Dylan Mars Greenberg, whose portfolio includes work for Adult Swim and Rolling Stone. “It’s a micro-budget movie that knows it’s a micro-budget movie and approaches that in a surrealist, clever way that blends high brow with low brow. I knew we had to get this off the ground.”

Learn more about Pizza Guy 8 and contribute to their campaign on Indiegogo.



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