Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt Join the Black Devil Doll for There Goes Da Neighborhood

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Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt Join the Black Devil Doll for There Goes Da NeighborhoodSome quick casting news has come in for the upcoming Black Devil Doll television series “There Goes Da Neighborhood as Heidi Honeycutt and Trent Haaga have signed on for active duty!

The news comes from the show’s IndieGoGo page:

We are incredibly excited to announce the casting of Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt in the lead roles in ‘THERE GOES DA NEIGHBA’HOOD’! Trent and Heidi will be playing Todd and Cindy White – a nice, white, suburban couple who are unwittingly thrust into the hostile and hilarious world of Mubia Abul-Jama (the Black Devil Doll). Trent Haaga (The Toxic Avenger IV, Dead Girl) and Heidi Honeycutt (Retardead, Fistful of Brains) are not only huge comedic acting talents, but are both accomplished writers, as well as extremely familiar faces in independent film circles.

Heidi Honeycutt is a talented actress, contributing writer for Fangoria magazine, web designer, one of the founders of the Viscera Film festival, and a board member of the non-profit organization Women In Horror Recognition Month. She is also the creator/editor of the website Planet Fury, as well as a contributing writer for Film Threat and Bloody Disgusting. And she LOVES unicorns.

Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt Join the Black Devil Doll for There Goes Da Neighborhood

Trent Haaga is a very accomplished actor, but he has also worked in many areas of filmmaking (writing, producing, directing) and has somehow managed to excel at all of them. With over 40 acting credits, 12 writing credits, 7 producing credits, and his directorial debut (Chop) under his belt, Trent joins us as the seasoned veteran. He’s a TROMA alumnus and he likes wearing baby bonnets.

Black Devil Doll fans, the loonies who made the first extremely infamous film need your support as they’re looking to bring the antics of everyone’s favorite ass bumpin’ puppet home in a big way!

If all goes well, the Black Devil Doll television show will be a 6-part, 30-minute per episode television series called “There Goes Da Neighborhood.”

That’s right… over 3 hours of raunchy and hysterical Black Devil Doll goodness! And they ain’t pulling any punches, either. “What we’re talkin’ about here is your traditional 1980’s-style sitcom, shot on sets, super fast-paced, with a laughtrack, a cheeseball theme song, the whole ball of wax,” says director Jonathan Lewis. “The main difference is that it’s going to be so incredibly over-the-top and filthy that not a single network would touch it. We’re going to make a show EXACTLY the way we want to make it. And it’s going to blow your fucking mind.”

If you want to be a part of this epic endeavor, then click here and follow the show’s progress over on the official “There Goes Da Neighborhood” Facebook page!

Black Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighborhood

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