A New Director Checks in for the Wet House

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A New Director Checks in for the Wet HouseIt’s been awhile since last we spoke about the upcoming flick Wet House, but today news broke of a new director taking the helm, which was originally supposed to belong to star Thomas Jane.

Deadline is reporting that South African writer-director Mukunda Michael Dewil has signed on to helm Wet House for Zero Gravity Entertainment. The elevated psychological thriller from scribe Jack Reher revolves around a psychologist who becomes entangled with the mysterious resident of a wet house, whose apparent psychic abilities help her aid the police in solving a string of grisly, bath salt-fueled massacres.

“I like the idea that everything is layered with this atmosphere of unnamed trepidation — nothing can be trusted at face value, and that kind of foreboding really gives me a lot to work with when creating the world of this story,” Dewil said. Mark Holder and Christine Holder are producing and financing for Zero Gravity. The film will shoot this fall in South Africa as the first of three features Zero Gravity plans to shoot there.

This elevated genre supernatural thriller is loosely based on Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story “The Signal-Man.” A doctor treats a patient after an horrific car accident and meets another resident who predicts tragic things that haven’t happened yet. Slowly the doctor loses grip on his sanity in the Wet House and becomes haunted by something sinister.

Wet House

Wet House

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