The Seen and The Unseen – Egyptian Statue Displays Deep-Seated Male Tendencies

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The Seen and The Unseen - Egyptian Statue Displays Deep-Seated Male TendenciesSomeone once told me that guys just want a few simple things: a warm woman, warm food, good beer and a warm bed. We get those things, we’re usually pretty happy.

And, it seems, these simple wants also apply to a 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue in a Manchester, England, Museum.

According to The Daily Mail, a statue used as an offering to Egyptian god of the dead Osiris keeps turning its back on museum patrons. As you can see in this time lapse video, the statue DOES turn 180 degrees. The museum consulted scientists, who’ve offered the boring explanation of “floor vibrations.”

We have a better theory here at The Seen and The Unseen. It’s pretty simple: The statue, as noted in the article, always turns to face a hieroglyphic prayer to Osiris. What’s the prayer about? Bread, beer, fowl and oxen. Okay, so the warm woman part got left out, but everything else fits. The spirit moving the statue is a guy, and he wants what all guys want.

Or maybe the explanation is more primal. Maybe he is indulging in the deepest male impulse running through our very souls:

The desire to turn… bend over… and moon total strangers.

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