‘Site 13’ Exclusive Trailer: A Found Footage Cosmic Horror Film 17 Years In The Making

Site 13

Coming this July from Terror Films is Site 13, a cosmic horror found footage hybrid that’s been in development for 17 years.

Read the full synopsis:

When Dr. Nathan Marsh wakes up in a mental institution from a 10-year catatonic state he has to watch the tapes from his last expedition to learn what eldritch horrors he has unleashed on the world. Using found footage shot in 2003 as flashback material for a present-day story featuring a recurring character, Site 13 crafts two films from two time periods into one movie that explores, myth, legacy, and madness over the course of more than a decade.

Writer/director/star Nathan Faudree said, “Filmed over the course of 17 years, Site 13 is a Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror film that truly proves evil never dies. Begun as a found footage film in 2003 under the direction of Tony Urban, the mostly improvised movie was filmed. Then due to Urban’s retirement, [it was] shelved.”

Faudree went on to explain, “Flash forward 13 years and I was still haunted by the work that everyone had done for the film. I contacted Tony with an interesting idea. Let me write and film a present-day portion of the movie and use the old footage as a kind of flashback material. He quickly agreed, happy to give the film a new life. I set about crafting a script that incorporated the footage into a present-day story.”

The present-day portion of Site 13 was filmed in Syracuse, NY over seven days. It starred members of regional theater companies and boasted a crew from WatchWorks Studios led by Chris Steinberger and Megan Piechowicz.

“For post-production, indie horror star Alan Rowe Kelly was brought on as a Producer and editor giving the film a whole new scope with his invaluable storytelling skills,” said Faurdree. “A couple of additional days of photography and three more years of crafting two films into one has led to a truly unique film experience, where two films became an entirely new story.”

Katie Gibson and Leila Dean also star in the film.

Site 13 comes to digital platforms on July 28, 2023.

Site 13


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