The Seen and The Unseen – Afraid of the End of the World? Move to Kansas!

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The Seen and The Unseen - Afraid of the End of the World? Move to Kansas!Having just seen This Is the End, the new Seth Rogen and Co. movie, the end of the world is on my mind. Everyone from scientists to raving right/left wing nuts living out on the commune think something is going to happen. And, they believe, it’s not going to be pretty.

Afraid? Fill you with anxiety? Breaking out the booze bottle?

Hold that thought, troubled citizen. You don’t have to freak out and drink yourself into a coma. Instead, just move to Kansas.

The Huffington Post ran a story about a man who thinks a cave system in Kansas holds the key to humanity’s survival. Robert Vicino bought a former U.S. Army storage facility near Kansas City. He believes the caves are strong enough to survive any bad event ranging from a meteor strike to nuclear war.

In the meantime, the Vivos Shelter and Resort plans to let people come for a “Survival Skills” vacation to pay the bills.

Hmmm, so, I could go on a vacation in the middle of Kansas and learn how to eat bark and grass? Waiter, pour the whiskey, I think I’m just gonna watch the end of the world instead.

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