The Seen and the Unseen – On a Break From Snooki The Jersey Devil Hides Out in Oklahoma

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The Seen and the Unseen - On a Break From Snooki The Jersey Devil Hides Out in OklahomaThe Jersey Devil is one of the scariest American paranormal tales. The Seen and The Unseen drove through the Pine Barrens of Jersey, the Devil’s supposed hangout, last summer; and let us tell you, it lives up to its creepy reputation.

Imagine our surprise when we see this article from The Examiner, telling us the Jersey Devil was spotted in Oklahoma.

Turns out, the headline is just a TAD misleading. The photograph (shown here) is of a hairless creature climbing over a fence. It showed up on Reddit and the conversation exploded. People began to speculate it was a picture of the Jersey Devil. Further investigation showed the picture is actually a hairless squirrel in Oklahoma.

Suspicious, the Crack Dread Central News Department (trademark pending) contacted the press agent for The Jersey Devil. The agent released this statement: “The investigation of this photo showed it was a hairless squirrel. The Jersey Devil would never leave his beloved state. He and Snooki are just as in love as the first day they met when they both helped clean up Seaside Heights after the storm. There is no truth to the rumor of their breakup.

The agent refused to address rumors of the Jersey Devil having a thing for The Mothman. “He is straight,” the agent said.

New Jersey Devil

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