Black Devil Doll Returning… To TV?

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Black Devil Doll Returning... To TV?Black Devil Doll is offensive, dirty, disturbed, naughty, low brow, filthy, and rumored to cause explosive diarrhea. That makes it the perfect choice for an evening of wholesome family entertainment. Read on for details.

We are very selective when it comes to which projects we cover that are in the midst of crowd-funding, but sometimes a premise comes along that’s just too friggin’ bizarre for us to resist! Black Devil Doll fans, the loonies who made the first extremely infamous film need your support as they’re looking to bring the antics of everyone’s favorite ass bumpin’ puppet home in a big way!

If all goes well, the “Black Devil Doll” television show will be a 6-part, 30-minute per episode television series!

That’s right… over 3 hours of raunchy and hysterical Black Devil Doll goodness! And they ain’t pulling any punches, either. “What we’re talkin’ about here is your traditional 1980’s-style sitcom, shot on sets, super fast-paced, with a laughtrack, a cheeseball theme song, the whole ball of wax,” says director Jonathan Lewis. “The main difference is that it’s going to be so incredibly over-the-top and filthy that not a single network would touch it. We’re going to make a show EXACTLY the way we want to make it. And it’s going to blow your fucking mind.”

Like what you hear? Then click on the image below for more details and decide if you want to be a part of this epic endeavor.

Black Devil Doll Returning... To TV?

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