‘Beetlejuice 2’: First Photos Of Winona Ryder As Lydia Deetz

shutterstock 203883364 568x320 - 'Beetlejuice 2': First Photos Of Winona Ryder As Lydia Deetz

Beetlejuice 2 started filming in London on May 10th. Since then, we’ve all been holding our collective breath while waiting for more information. Luckily, Daily Mail has come through for those of us on this side of the pond. 

An eagle-eyed photographer caught the first glimpse of returning queen Winona Ryder on set. Seeing Ryder in the Lydia Deetz wig is the cultural reset we’ve needed for some time now. The pictures are already circulating on Twitter as we speak.

Most fans are celebrating the return of the character who taught us what goth meant. Others can’t get over how Ryder refused to age over the last 35 years just to return to this role. Talk about dedication to a role!

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The photos show Ryder and the Deetz hairpiece sitting on the passenger side of someone’s ride. We’ll probably have a lot of questions when the serotonin boosts fade, but for right now we’re just happy to see one of the only legacy characters that matter back in the world.

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Beetlejuice 2 will have director Tim Burton at the helm. The script was written by Mike Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The cast includes Jenna Ortega, Justin Theroux, Monica Bellucci, Willem Dafoe, Catherine O’Hara, and Michael Keaton.

While details about the plot are still under wraps, we know Jenna Ortega will play Lydia Deetz’s daughter. We also know that the combination of Ryder, Keaton, O’Hara, and Ortega is the only summoning circle needed for our wallets.

Beetlejuice 2 is planning to resurrect the property in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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