Kickstarter Success Blood Kiss Unites Stars Behind Michael Reaves’ Story

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Kickstarter Success Blood Kiss Unites Stars Behind Michael Reaves' StoryAnother horror film has passed through the Kickstarter gauntlet and come out a winner. Blood Kiss, a vamp noir, was written by Michael Reaves, who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The horror community has rallied behind this project and is making it a reality.

From the Press Release
Writer/producer Neil Gaiman, actresses Amber Benson, comic artist Tom Mandrake, friend Whoopi Goldberg, and a number of entertainment industry veterans are rallying to make ailing filmmaker Michael Reaves’ final film, Blood Kiss, a reality.

Blood Kiss is set in Golden Age Hollywood, a classic film noir tale of a sexy jazz singer in distress and a private investigator who takes on a little more than he bargained for when he discovers this case involves vampire murders.

“There’s nothing supernatural about vampires,” says Reaves, “My vampires, that is. Everything in Blood Kiss is explained in terms of a symbiotic organism that alters DNA – they’re much stronger and faster than humans.”

Michael Reaves, who is in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease, announced the crowd-funding campaign for his film on May 15th, with an initial goal of $50,000. Blood Kiss,\ reached that goal and went beyond.

Award-winning writer/producer Neil Gaiman is among those rallying behind Michael Reaves and will be starring in the film as eccentric movie director Julian Cross. “I’m willing to pretend that the prospect of acting doesn’t terrify me in order to help Michael Reaves make his film,” said Gaiman, who is known for his work on such series as “Dr. Who” and “Babylon 5,” the film Beowulf, as well as the popular comic book series The Sandman, Coraline, American Gods, and others.

Actress Amber Benson, slated to play Ruby Day, the sexy jazz singer in Blood Kiss, is pleased with the fans’ support. “Michael has been a great supporter of not just his friends, but many, many others in the industry, with his encouragement, advice, and his hands-on help,” said Benson, who is known for her work on the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Supernatural,” and others. “But now is our turn to give back and make Michael’s dream of making his final film a reality.”

Others notables who have come forth to back the project include legendary animation writer Paul Dini; best-selling author David Brin; famed comic book artist Tom Mandrake; actress Leah Cevoli; and actress/TV host Whoopi Goldberg, who had this to say: “Can’t wait to see…feel…the Blood Kiss!”

Reaves is known for his prolific writing and producing, which included scripts for such shows as “Batman: The Animated Series,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Sliders,” “The Flash,” “Father Dowling Mysteries,” “He-Man,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Gargoyles,” and many others. He has received an Emmy Award, a Howie Award, and the prestigious Hampton’s Prize for his contributions along with many other nominations. In recent years Reaves’ health has been impacted by advanced stages of Parkinson”s Disease, forcing the once vibrant and active writer/producer into a wheelchair and unable to speak other than through an electronic voice box.

Tom Mandrake (Batman, Grimjack, The Spectre, Martian Manhunter) is creating a new Blood Kiss graphic novel simultaneous with the feature film. He’ll be working with Sian Mandrake, his gifted artist daughter.

Blood Kiss

Blood Kiss

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