‘Evil Dead Rise’ Production Designer Nick Bassett Teases All Of The Film’s Easter Eggs

Evil Dead Rise

While chattering Deadites and gnarly gore are the bread and butter of the Evil Dead franchise, these films would be nothing without their carefully curated settings and aesthetics. The production design gives us dilapidated cabins full of taxidermied heads and old photos, and now, dilapidated high-rise apartment buildings. In Lee Cronin‘s Evil Dead Rise, production designer Nick Bassett and his team may have had limited locations, but they packed as many details as possible into their limited space.

Dread Central spoke with Bassett about his work not just on this film, but the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series, as well as how his team designed the apartment and the fun they had creating the “personality” of each room.

Watch the full interview:

Evil Dead Rise is now in theaters.



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