New Look at Catacombs


Catacombs trailer!You just have to love Paris, don’t you? Even if you’ve never been, immediately you conjure images of the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame … but what about the bodies of 7 million dead people just below the city’s surface?

In Catacombs, the new film from Saw producers Twisted Pictures, a young girl decides to see what the literal underbelly of gay Paree is like when she goes to an illegal rave held in the catacombs of the city, an area that is strictly off limits to pretty much everyone, save for the tours they have through it. Of course things go very wrong, and she gets stuck down there with something very nasty on the hunt for her.

Yet another trailer for the film has made its way online, this one a lot cooler than the first if you ask me. Though the B-D boys were told it was unofficial, it’s got Lionsgate’s logo all over it, so I’m sure it’s at least a rough trailer if nothing else. Still no word on when the film will be out, so you’d best hit this link to check out the new trailer to see if it’s even something you want to anticipate.

Johnny Butane

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