UK’s Box of Masters


UK Masters of Horror Volume 1 box (click to see it bigger!)I recently had a nice long chat with Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris (you’ll see it all soon enough, patience), and during our talk he said that, although there are no solid plans for it yet, a box set of Season One of Masters of Horror is pretty much a sure thing. It would only make sense, especially when you consider that Anchor Bay UK already has their first box planned.

Masters of Horror: Volume Oneis due out in the UK on October 23rd and will feature the epsodes “Cigarette Burns”, “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road”, “Homecoming”, “Chocolate”, “Dreams in the Witch House”, “Deer Woman” and “Sick Girl”. All the goodies featured on the US releases of the same discs will be on these as well, so if you’re in the UK and dying to get these on disc, the wait is almost over!

DVD Active got their hands on a look at the box art for Volume One as well, which you can see to your right there.

Johnny Butane

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