BLOOD AND BANTER: The Perfect Card Game for Horror Fans and Couples

The perfect game for horror couples doesn’t exi… oh wait, it does now! Are you ready to add some blood-curdling fun to your gatherings? Look no further than Blood and Banter! Created by Adam Cruz, the mastermind behind the hilarious @MurderMemes Instagram account. This deck of 50 horror-centric conversation cards is perfect for horror fans and thrill-seekers alike. But hurry, supplies are limited!

Blood and Banter is easy to play. Simply shuffle the deck, draw a card, and let the creepy conversations begin! With prompts ranging from fun and quirky (‘Name a horror movie villain you would invite to Thanksgiving dinner. Why?‘) to horrific scenarios (‘Would you rather cut off your hand or pull out all of your teeth?‘). There are no objectives or winners and you can use them anywhere, whether it’s around the campfire, at the bar, or even in an abandoned asylum.

Blood and Banter is now available to purchase. Don’t miss out on the chance to make death the life of the party. Get your hands on a deck today by visiting



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