New ‘Scream VI’ Marketing Campaign Asks: Where’s Ghostface?

Scream VI live cam

Two years ago, Chucky was attacking subway riders in New York City. Years before that, creepy clowns were skulking about under dim streetlamps, hiding in bushes along the road. Now, it seems Ghostface is in on the action. Echoing their Smile marketing stunt that featured performers creeping out fans at MLB games, Paramount has commissioned several different masked Ghostfaces to appear on live cams across the country to promote the impending release of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s Scream VI.

While some of these sightings have prompted 911 calls (reasonable, presumably, for spotting a masked killer standing about), writ large, it’s another destined-to-be-viral marketing hit for the studio. Concurrently, Paramount has launched a new online app where visitors can enter both a name and number to prank their fans with a bonafide Ghostface call.

Now that fans across the country have finally secured their Cinemark Ghostface popcorn tubs, they’re eagerly anticipating where Ghostface might show up next. Maybe your city. Maybe your town? Perhaps your neighborhood? Or, maybe, he’s already inside. Check out some tweets about the “Scream VI” stunt below!

What do you think? Is this another win for the studio? Are these marketing ploys fresh or exciting, or are they running a risk of being disruptive to the communities where they take place? Also, how excited are you for Scream VI? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins. And, if Ghostface does show up in your neighborhood, try and stay safe, you hear? I’ve gotta go, my phone is ringing…  



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