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March 21, 2024
Sam Carpenter is the first final girl to use her senses and to make her monsters afraid of her. This is queen behavior.
sweaters in horror
January 11, 2024
We love these iconic horror movie characters, but we also love these sweaters and would like to shop the look ASAP.
December 26, 2023
Dread Central staff writer Tyler Doupe’ weighs in on his top ten horror films of 2023. See the full list at Dread Central.
March 15, 2023
We sat down to talk with ‘Scream VI’ star Dermot Mulroney to discuss what it’s like entering a fan-favorite horror franchise. Learn more:
March 8, 2023
‘Scream VI’ shrugs all of the safety nets of the original series, Sidney included, while taking huge risks which pay off in spades. Read more:
Scream VI live cam
March 3, 2023
The newest marketing campaign for “Scream VI” sees the Ghostface killer appearing in live cams all across the country.
scream 6 horror
January 19, 2023
Check out this gonzo trailer for ‘Scream VI,’ and witness Ghostface carve a brutal, bloody core out of the big apple. Watch it right now.