Don’t Get Blood On It: 6 Iconic Horror Movie Sweaters We’d Wear This Winter

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‘Tis the winter of our discontent, which means I have one thing on the brain: sweaters. I am all about expanding my collection because I am an elder millennial who’s always cold. My main goal is to find one so big it could double as a tent, but I mostly just crave comfort. I am not above having flings with random sweaters I meet along the way to finding the one. However, they mean nothing to me if I am not drowning in heavy fabric, as people wonder if there is, in fact, a body somewhere under the endless sea of wool.

I spend tons of time rewatching horror movies that understand the power of a good cable-knit. This comfortable suit of armor has protected many a villain, made final girls relatable, and signaled to us it is too cold for the usual horror movie shenanigans. These cozy garments never get enough love, so I am here with 6 of my favorite woolen horror stars.

Black Christmas (1974)

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Catch these hands

A madman stalks a sorority house during Christmas break. This movie is a banger for many reasons. However, we are here today to talk about Jess Bradford’s (played by Olivia Hussey) hand sweater. Her ensemble screams cozy vibes for the girl who has to navigate selfish boyfriends and deal with obscene phone callers while the police do nothing. It is the power sweater for women who believe in bodily autonomy and will also kill a man if backed into a corner. I often wonder if the two giant hands on the front of it are where the phrase “catch these hands” originated from. wonder this has become one of the most iconic outfits in horror.

Friday the 13th (1980)

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White was a bold choice and we respect it.

Camp Counselors begin dropping like flies when Camp Crystal Lake reopens. Mrs. Voorhees (played by Betsy Palmer) is terrifying because she chose a white cable-knit to wear during her killing spree. It immediately lets you know she is unbothered and also knows how to clean blood out of anything. The super soft and comfy sweater is a huge sign that this woman has killed before and will kill again. It is a snuggly oversized moment that gives “Granny running quick errands”, and how she quickly clears the camp supports that energy. You also know she paired these with super comfortable boots and added her favorite Dr. Scholl inserts for extra support. I will know I am truly successful at something when my bank account has the funds to put this entire outfit in my closet. 

The Lodge (2019)

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These kids don’t know anything about a good sweater.

A woman gets trapped in a blizzard with her fiancé’s two children, who are about to push her past her breaking point. These kids really fucked around and found out so many people almost miss that Grace (played by Riley Keough) wore two separate cozy sweaters. She had a costume change to get even more comfortable, and I live. The first sweater is the one you wear to the job interview. It is a large cozy grey turtleneck that instills confidence in your abilities to be an adult. The second one is what you wear when you do not want to be perceived anymore and that you are plotting your escape from the job on company time. I know the first one is more fashionable, but the green one has my heart. That one is the ultimate mood piece warning people you are not in the mood for nonsense. 

Scare Me (2020)

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All hands on deck.

Two strangers tell each other scary stories during a power outage. Fanny (played by Aya Cash) knew that talking to a man would end badly, which explains why she put on the ultimate coat of armor. Fanny wore an item of clothing so fierce that it is now the hand sweater of the millennium. All the hands on the fabric seem to underscore how unimpressed she is by Fred. Each one waves him to stop his story as she gives him constructive and free notes on his work. It’s the pullover of someone who will work smarter, not harder, to survive the movie. The sweater alerts people that she is not the typical final girl, and she needs this chase wrapped up so she can be in bed by midnight at the latest. She has a standing appointment with questionable TV and snacks, so time is ticking.

I am obsessed with Fanny and her sweatshirt! There should be a statue of both of them with a plaque that explains how they found each other. I sincerely hope we all find something so cool to wear as we remain unimpressed by men who refuse to do the work.

Talk To Me (2023)

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Gotta be cozy for the party possession!

A group of friends commune with evil spirits for thrills, but things go too far when something supernatural gets unleashed. You can fight me about the yellow fleece Mia (played by Sophie Wilde) wears in this movie. It might be a sweater cheat, but so what? I do not care because it looked like warm fashion-forward sleepwear, and I would also wear it to a party. If you are going to invite evil spirits into your body, the least you can do is make them cozy. This situation is so comfortable that it looks like a bathrobe at first. Mia is basically wearing a stylish cloud with pockets. This top is for the woman who has too much going on but will take her sad ass to the party anyway. If that is not a relatable mood, then what is? The fun and versatile fleece could revolutionize the “I am too upset to be here, but I refuse to stay home again” apparel game. I think it is the must-have piece for a gloomy girl winter.

When A Stranger Calls (1979) 

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Who cares about the children when Carol Kane is serving no-nonsense babysitter?

A man harasses a babysitter and then returns seven years later to terrorize her again. Jill Johnson’s (played by Carol Kane) red sweater tells you everything about this character. It is the garment a no-nonsense, by-the-book, gonna-reach-for-the-bourbon-when-things-get-hairy-type of girl. The moment you see it, you know she is a babysitter here to study and not check on your kids. There are no frills or anything exciting about this piece aside from the color. I was unsurprised that she refused to open the door for this stranger because of the energy of her sweater. This is not the top of a naive teen who trusts people and will go out of her way to be helpful. It is the pullover of the librarian you were afraid of in elementary school. As someone who keeps one piece of red clothing in her closet among all the black, navy blue, and gray, I need this to replace the reddish sweater I already own.

Honorable Cheats

Hereditary (2018)

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Look how orange you look, girl.

A family’s grieving is interrupted by a malevolent force. We all get stuck on the beheading and almost forget how comfortable Charlie’s orange hoodie looked. I know some sweater purists do not want to include hoodies, but this is a roomie statement piece. Charlie (played by Milly Shapiro) was possessed by the power of the pullover before any evil entity could ever touch her. Her top encouraged her to go outdoors, become one with nature, and eat suspicious slices of random cake at parties. We all need a comfy and roomy hoodie with pockets encouraging us to be that free. It gives autumn vibes while letting people know, “Grandma is gone, but I have snacks, so I will be okay.” What other example on this list gives that kind of healing energy?

Scream VI (2023)

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Athleisure is the best way to survive a slasher.

The gang discovers they have to go much further than New York to escape Ghostface. Courteney Cox reprised the role of Gale Weathers, and it was her turn to finally get the call of death. Gale was hanging out in some of that weird workout attire that might fit into multiple clothing categories at the time of the incident. It is one of those exercise tops made from confusing fabric and witchcraft we buy to look sporty while sitting on couches. I was happy to see her wearing athletic leisurewear because, after six movies, you would learn to dress for the occasion. Spyglass showed their asses and fumbled the bag, so this might be the last time we see this character. I love that we will remember her comfortably giving Ghostface hell for disrupting her TV plans with her new boyfriend.

Do we seem to have similar fashion tastes? Do you have leads on other comfortable sweaters in horror movies that I need to know about? If you do, find me ASAP at @misssharai.



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