TikTok Has A Favorite Scary Movie

If you were to ask me what film HorrorTok – the horror community’s name within TikTok – favorite franchise is, I’d instantly answer with Scream. My reasoning for this dates back to the release of Scream 5. While horror films have been exploring and testing out new marketing material on the Internet, the campaign for Scream 5 sticks out to me the most. One of the best things TikTok has done and has kept is introducing a text-to-speech option with the voice of Ghostface himself, Roger L. Jackson. 

Ever since then, I’ve seen nothing but love for the franchise. Many HorrorTok creators continuously discuss their passion for the franchise, such as Horror_chronicles, Briheartshorror, and Ajtheillustrator. With these creators and plenty more, it came to no surprise when Scream was a continued winner with a new TikTok filter titled Choose-Horror Caviar. This is one of the few horror filters released at the beginning of 2023. 

The filter is simple as you have to pick your favorite horror movie out of two choices presented. The winning film then advances to the next pick until the filter cycles over again. As you can imagine, the excitement when Scream appears on the filter is both joyous and wholesome. 

But the excitement for the Scream franchise and Scream 6 continues within the realms of HorrorTok. Starting with the reintroduction of the character Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), creators took to their phones to express their enthusiasm.

And let’s face it, who wasn’t excited about this announcement? I, like many others, am thrilled about her return. The Scream 6 videos continue with various poster analyses, fan edits of the teaser and trailer, predictions on deaths and who the killer might be, and so much more. While the film doesn’t hit theatres until another few weeks, there’s plenty of Scream 6 content to consume before the release on March 10th.

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