Horror Musician Miss Cherry Delight Releases New Blood-Soaked Dance Anthem For Valentine’s Day

Miss Cherry Delight
PHOTO CREDIT: Daniel Rose Photography

Miss Cherry Delight is a singer-songwriter based in NYC, who heavily draws from horror aesthetics and concepts for inspiration. Chuck Varga (Sexecutioner of GWAR), one of her many supporters, said, “[Cherry] rocked me like Satan’s daughter and didn’t stop till blood shot out of my ears!!!” 

Malcolm McDowell has called her “tremendously talented”. 

Cherry’s intense musical performances are an immersive horror show all of their own, influenced by Alice Cooper and Poppy alike.

Common occurrences involve her masturbating with a vibrator on stage, covering herself in “Cherry Blood”, and inhabiting an erotic and sometimes violent alter ego named “Cherry Daddy”. 

She is also a prolific TikTok creator who started the “CannibalTok” trend and has since gained over 160k followers. 

Her signature and first-ever recorded song “Cherry Blood” just hit half a million streams on Spotify. To celebrate, Cherry is releasing a remix of the famed tune in collaboration with her band’s keyboardist, who goes by the name Ghost Stories. The remix is called “BEG4ME” and you can listen to it here at this exclusive Dread Central premiere.

“It’s wild to think that over half a million people have found the original ‘Cherry Blood’ just on Spotify alone,” says Miss Cherry. “I wrote that song on the L train in 2018. Because of this surprise milestone, BEG4ME, a remix of Cherry Blood, is a serendipitous event right now. I love that it isn’t obvious that it’s a remix of the original, taking the ‘Beg for me’ from the incantation sequence, and the ‘you’re dead’ chants to create an exciting climactic drop.”

She went on to say:

“The focus of these Ghost Stories remixes is to put out MCD tracks for club dancers. BEG4ME is a party dance track truly designed for pole, lap dancing, and floor work. When dancers send me videos of hot choreography to my tunes I’m so overjoyed! I recently had a group of talented pole dancers from “Body Electric Pole” in Wellington, New Zealand send me a whole dance to Cherry Blood and it blew my mind!! 

I would love to have my tracks played in gentlemen’s clubs around the world. Especially remixes like this one. I love being a contributing part of making anyone feel confident, seductive, and downright evil…And for those who aren’t dancers, I’d be just as happy if they blast my songs out their car window while they drive by a church to make folks cross themselves from fright.”

Ghost Stories said:

“I think BEG4ME turned out the best of the remixes I’ve created of Cherry’s music. I didn’t use very much; the arrangement’s quite sparse for what I usually do, but it all comes together nicely. The bridge is made of one synth line and a bunch of copies of Cherry’s vocals, all processed together. I like the idea of doing a lot with a little. I think I got the idea for this one after a rehearsal of ours because I think that’s where I realized that Cherry saying ‘Beg For Me’ would be a good soundbite.”

Miss Cherry Delight’s work can be heard now on Spotify and all other major streaming services.



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