‘Breath Of Shadows’ Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]

Breath Of Shadows

Rich people going to another country to do hallucinogens to “fix themselves” is ripe for horror potential. And Bram Stoker Award–Nominated Comic Book Creators Rich Douek and Alex Cormack mine just that for their new project Breath of Shadows. The upcoming IDW Original five-issue horror miniseries follows a rockstar who travels to South America to find a cure for his addiction. But of course, it doesn’t go the way he anticipates. Dread Central is excited to exclusively three pages from the first issue!

But first, read the full synopsis below:

It’s 1968. On the fast track to becoming one of his era’s most iconic rock stars, Jimmy Meadows should be basking in the glow of newly acquired wealth and fame. Instead, crushed by the weight of a debilitating heroin addiction, Jimmy is on the verge of losing everything—until an old friend tips him off to an unorthodox treatment method hidden in the depths of the South American jungle. With fair-weather friends, local opportunists, and industry sycophants in tow, Jimmy sets off in search of what he’s sure will be a miracle cure. But as the excursion veers off course and the realities of their environment begin to bleed together with Jimmy’s paranoia and drug-induced hallucinations, the team quickly descends into a nightmare of bloody chaos populated by unspeakable horrors that surpass even the most brutal drug trip.

Check out our exclusive preview of the upcoming series:

Breath of Shadows pp 7 9 Page 1 960x1476 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]
Breath of Shadows pp 7 9 Page 2 960x1476 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]
Breath of Shadows pp 7 9 Page 3 960x1476 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]

Douek said of Breath of Shadows, “I love classic horror, everything from Nightmare on Elm Street to Dracula. But my favorite horror stories, the ones that inspire me the most all have a dark psychological component, like John Carpenter’s The ThingPrince of Darkness, or The Mist

He continues to say, “One thing I love exploring with horror, and that we’re doing with Breath of Shadows, as well as our other books, Sea of Sorrows, and Road of Bones, is the idea that there’s a human capacity for horrific acts that is just as bad, if not worse, than anything otherworldly, or supernatural that we could dream up.”

Cormack added, “My influences for horror come from all over the place, to something you’d expect like The Thing or Dead Alive, and then the not-so-obvious like the works of Howard Pyle, Artemisia Gentileschi, and the cubist movement… and then the really not obvious like Punky Brewster. Things from comics or movies or hearing something secondhand that would stick with me and bothered me and kept me up at night. At some point, I decided if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and have been giving back to the people as much as I can ever since.”

The first issue of Breath of Shadows hits shelves on February 1, 2023.

Check out the cover variants below:

Breath of Shadows01 coverA 960x1457 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]
Breath of Shadows01 coverB 960x1457 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]
Breath of Shadows01 coverRI 960x1457 - 'Breath Of Shadows' Is One Hellish Trip [Exclusive]
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