10 YouTube Channels Featuring Black Content Creators That You Need To Follow Now

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One of the things I love about Black History Month is that it gives me a chance to highlight the content creators I’m obsessed with the whole year. I’ve shared many podcast recommendations here, but there is so much more in the world of free horror content created by cool people on the internet. This is why I’ve gathered us here today to talk about some of the Black content creators on Youtube that have been getting me through this messy decade.

I present to the Midnight Society: 10 Youtube Channels Featuring Black Content Creators That You Need To Follow Now!

Bobby Likes It Spooky

Instagram: bobbylikesitspooky Twitter: @BobbyTorrez

Bobby has been making YouTube cool for years. His enthusiasm for the genre comes across in every review, trailer reaction, or discussion. His love for the genre is infectious and has led me to watch a couple of movies I knew I wasn’t the audience for, but he sold them to me because he explained why he got his best life. He’s also had a ton of people from horror Twitter on, so it’s a good gateway into more horror content creators you should follow. Subscribe here.

Curly Girl At The Movies

Instagram: curlygirlatthemovies

When Curly says she’s going to look at, “Horror, sci-fi, thrillers, weird and disturbing movie reviews,” she means it. Most of the movies she covers are chaotic, and lots are also off the beaten path. I love this channel because I’m learning about the wildest movies. Because sometimes Curly will have a drink and do her hair while she’s doing the reviews, it makes it feel like we’re at a slumber party in all the good ways. This is the YouTube channel for people who want weird movie recs. Subscribe here.


Instagram: @theevoltyrone   Twitter: @TheEvolTyrone

Evol Tyrone’s channel is all about the horror community, and I love to see it. He interviews so many other content creators and also puts together fun panels where creators can mingle and have fun. Tyrone is also a really good interviewer and facilitator, so it feels like he’s having as much fun as we are watching. Because Tyrone uses his platform to boost so many other people, I have found many content creators would’ve flown under my radar had he not put them on. Subscribe here.


Instagram: ghosdee_ Twitter: @ghosdee

Ghosdee is a breath of fresh air. While she also does fun reviews and reactions, it’s her lists that pulled me in. She’ll pick a topic and give us movies that are not always the films we’d reach for first. However, as she explains why it earned a spot on her list, or how it has a theme to something else on the list, I find myself realizing what was right in front of my face. She also just has a calming presence as she elaborates on murders and asshole characters that is unmatched. Subscribe here.

Mama Monster

Instagram: mama_monster_87

Lydia is such a horror fan that she started a channel to nerd out with people when she moved to Germany. Because lots of us use horror movies for comfort, and most of us have found a sense of community by starting our shows, this makes so much sense. Lydia does spoiler-free reviews, updates on her horror DVD collection, and has a knack for putting together fun list ideas. She keeps it quick, fun, and relatable. Subscribe here.

Real Queen of Horror 

Instagram: mrszenasade Twitter: @LovelyZena

Lovely Zena is possibly having the most fun of anyone on the internet. Her channel features interviews with filmmakers, lists that kill me like “The pettiest ghosts on horror,” and reasons to check out recent movies. Zena is definitely horror Blerd royalty. The fact that no streamers or channels have offered her a show yet is a disservice to horror fiends everywhere. She’s fun, funny, and knows the genre better than most people. I have lost countless hours on her channel and will again. Subscribe here.

Scream Kings Podcast

Instagram: screamkingzpodcast  Twitter:@KingzScream

Horror fans, TaMon, Bobby, Michael, and Mark, come together as the Scream Kingz to discuss all things horror in film and television. This YouTube podcast gives me so much life. It is hosted by all these horror content creators I’m already obsessed with. It also takes a critical look at horror through the Black Queer lens. Watching them cut up while also paying horror legends their dues is one of the reasons I get on Youtube regularly now. It’s another huge jumping-off point if you’re looking for more Black horror content creators. Subscribe here.

Spooky Rice

Instagram: spookyrice_

Spooky Rice channel covers gnarly films and disturbing comics. This YouTube channel stands out from my other favorites on this list because it very rarely covers anything mainstream. If you want to hear an expert dig into the most messed up media out there then is your channel. Also, the way the videos and narration are used signals this creator knows how to sustain tension and serve us drama. Which is part of the reason the fanbase is loud. Subscribe here.

Welcome To The Darkside

Instagram: welcometothedarkside__ Twitter: @tothedarkside_

Selina is a horror fan doing the good Lord’s work. She’s watching and recommending horror, sci-fi, and thriller movies on streamers and giving us the rundown before we hit play. Selina’s channel is one of the newest ones on the list, and it’s been a joy watching her find her rhythm and stake her claim on Youtube. She’s created a safe space for genre fans who want to talk about stuff they can watch at home. I am that genre fan, and I am grateful. Subscribe here.

Let me know if you found your new favorite Youtuber on this list at @misssharai.

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