‘Human Resources’: The Horror Isn’t Just Late-Stage Capitalism [Watch]

Human Resources

The vicious cycle of capitalism is exhausting. The only way to survive in this world is to work, work, and work some more so you can afford to live. Director Braden Swope is translating the real-life horror story of the grind with his new film Human Resources. Co-written by Swope and Evan Swope, danger lurks in every shadow of a strange hardware store.

Read the full synopsis:

After starting a job at a creepy hardware store, Sam Coleman uncovers a shocking mystery involving a missing employee. With the help of Sarah, a cynical coworker, Sam plunges into the dark corners of the store and is forced to confront the terrifying forces that lurk just behind the walls. 

It’s all of our worst nightmares. After all, we can all relate to work feeling like a living hell.

Watch the new trailer for Human Resources:

Hugh McCrae, Jr., Anthony Candell, Sarah José, Tim Misuradze, Michael Kammerer, and Angel Hilton star in the film.

Human Resources comes to VOD on January 10, 2023.

Human Resources


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