Voltaire Adapting His Oh My Goth! Comic into Horror Musical Feature Film

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Multi-talented musician and filmmaker Aurelio Voltaire has announced that he will be helming an upcoming full-length horror musical feature film adaptation of his comic book Oh My Goth! Read on for the details!

From the Press Release:
After performing worldwide onstage, directing commercially, and following the film festival circuit with his stop-motion animated films, Voltaire will now direct a film based on his own comic work. The feature version of OH MY GOTH! will have that strange brand of dark comedy and music that he has been performing at Goth clubs and sci-fi and horror conventions across the land for years now.

“It was time to finally unite my storytelling, my music, my twisted humor, and filmmaking sensibilities all into one project,” says Voltaire. “It has all the things I love: monsters, rock and roll, comedy, and sex mashed into a giant ball of awesome.”

Producer Keryn Thompson is very excited about the content: “There’s loud music. There’s scantily clad girls. There’s Satan,” she says.

James Morgart, also producing, says that he joined the project because “Voltaire’s material stretches across so many genres that he sort of encompasses every bastardized sub-genre to be associated with the Gothic tradition since Walpole’s Castle of Otranto. His plans for this film are to give his fans all of their favorite aspects of his work: music, animation, and subversively witty humor.”

Bring it on! Oh My Goth! the film is currently in pre-production and will shoot in the New York City metro area.

When the reanimated skeletons of Necronus, a cemetery planet across the dark expanse of space, decide they need Earth paved into a landing strip, they send possibly the worst of their agents to undertake the task. Arrogant, pompous, and not the brightest laser in the arsenal, Heironymous Poshe takes on human form and travels to Earth aboard his Black Spire, a spaceship that could easily pass for a giant black cathedral. However, Poshe has plans of his own–namely, to avoid a desk job on the Necrid home world and live a life of leisure in a fixed orbit above Earth. For centuries Poshe (along with his robot slave and an imprisoned midget) has avoided his prime directive. Instead he has spent his time abducting Earth women, celebrities, and bands for a non-stop nightly party above the Black Spire.

But Poshe’s days of carefree hot babe abduction are coming to an end. Tired of Poshe’s lack of results, Lord Krom Wrath, supreme ruler of the Necrus, launches a full-scale invasion of Earth. Poshe bands with the only people on Earth who understand his cause (a group of Goth kids, a cadre of Ninja priests, and a small army of Hasidic rabbis–ironically, all of them people who wear all black!) to repel the oncoming armada of Necrid ships. The final space battle is the “Jews in Space” Mel Brooks promised us and never delivered!

For more info visit the official Voltaire website and “like” Voltaire on Facebook.

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