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Cryofilms Opening The Black Gate in The Dark Zone at Cannes

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cryofilms - Cryofilms Opening The Black Gate in The Dark Zone at CannesThe madman behind Dead Shadows has started a new company and is bring two new projects to Cannes 2013 – The Dark Zone and The Black Gate. Read on for the first details and sales art for both!

In 2005, David Cholewa created DC-MEDIAS, a worldwide sales company. The company established a broad and high quality catalog of films that tackled all genres: Drama, Horror, Action, Thriller and more. In 2012 David founded a new production company, focused on genre efforts called CRYOFILMS along with César Ducasse from Addict Films (Dark Souls). That same year David Cholewa produced and directed his first feature Dead Shadows. Dead Shadows was shot in only 3 weeks, the movie had more than 100 CGI shots and practical effects.

The Dark Zone Synopsis directed by David Cholewa
The crew of the colonial vessel “Dreamscape” is on a 10 year journey. Its mission is to establish the first human colony outside of our solar system. The ship carries within it a crew of one thousand men and women who are in cryogenic sleep while a team of 40 take shifts, at six month intervals, to operate the machinery of the colossal spacecraft. Alas, things go sour during a celebration banquet which marks the end of this particular crew’s long shift. Some ingest a usually safe alien fruit which causes them to inexplicably fall ill. They exhibit extreme abdominal pains and vomit whole heartily. The frightening mishap forces the healthy to quarantine those who are showing signs of contamination. The sick are placed in cryogenic tubes within one room, while the able-bodied have their space sleep in another room. Two years later, the unaffected wake up to a living nightmare. Somehow the ship has been infected by a foreign organic matter while mysterious and dangerous entities now prowl its halls. Only the unity of the group will allow them to confront the evil that has since plagued the ship. That malevolent entity has many faces…

the dark zone - Cryofilms Opening The Black Gate in The Dark Zone at Cannes

The Black Gate Synopsis directed by David Cholewa co-written with Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil, The Abandoned)
When best friends Gabe and John meet up at a local bar to discuss plans for Gabe’s upcoming bachelor party, they never expected to get caught in a battle between good and evil. After running for their lives to escape the clutches of a psychotic vigilante cop named Largo, with a serious axe to grind, along with his furious henchmen, they seek refuge in a decrepit old community center where an unspeakable act has occurred. The brilliantly deranged mathematician and master of the kabbalah, Rabbi Sandoval, has perfected a formula to open a portal which will destroy creation itself. All the Rabbi needs is one more sacrifice to complete his evil scheme. Now, Gabe and John are forced to make common cause with Largo, and two of the building original inhabitants, an old blind man, Isaac, who is more than he seems, and his young nephew, Hiram, to fight their way up through the floors, each of which is protected by a supernatural guardian more terrifying than the last, and somehow prevent Sandavol from finishing the ritual and opening the seventh portal – The Black Gate. Will they be able to stop the ultimate doom and make it back to the world they know? Or has time really run out?

the black gate - Cryofilms Opening The Black Gate in The Dark Zone at Cannes

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