‘A Town Full of Ghosts’ Trailer: Ghostly Mayhem Descends In This New Found Footage Horror

Get ready to visit Blackwood Falls.

A Town Full of Ghosts

From filmmaker Isaac Rodriguez, A Town Full of Ghosts is now available on digital platforms. Rodriguez is no stranger to found footage. His films, such as Deadware and Last Radio Call, have proved he is a strong voice in the subgenre. And his latest film looks like he’s continuing that trend.

In A Town Full of Ghosts:

Mark and his wife Jenna sell everything they have to purchase a western ghost town called Blackwood Falls in the middle of nowhere. They plan to turn the ghost town into a tourist attraction with hotels, restaurants, and attractions. They hire a small film crew to document their journey and upload the videos to their video channel.

When funding falls through, they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Things take a twist when Mark discovers the town has a horrible history of death. He secretly digs deeper into the past and stumbles upon something evil.

Tensions start to rise when one of the film crew goes missing, and everyone finds themselves trapped in the town. Jenna comes up with a plan to escape, but Mark begins to lose his mind and takes matters into his own hands.

Andrew C. Fisher, Mandy Lee Rubio, Lauren Lox, Sarah Froelich, Isaac Rodriguez, Keekee Suki, and Vania Vasquez star in A Town Full of Ghosts.

Writer/director Isaac Rodriguez said of the film,

“After visiting the J. Lorraine, TX, ghost Town in Austin, TX, I was immediately inspired to make my next film there. The town was actually all built by the current owner. Some of the buildings were very small and looked fake, but I knew I could incorporate that into the story. A few months back, I saw a YouTuber who sold everything and moved into a real ghost town in California. I wanted to use that basic idea with a married couple and add a The Shining vibe to it.”.

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