‘Keeping Company’ Trailer: A Bone-Chilling Serial Killer Satire That Gets To The Meat Of The Matter

Grandma says it's your time.

Keeping Company

Death and capitalism go hand in hand. We’re all cogs in the corporate machine, after all. Our worth is determined by how much we can contribute to earning those above us more money. This capitalist hellscape we all participate in, for better or worse, is ripe for the horror picking. Consumerism provides a plethora of stories about the horrors of consumption and what the need to succeed can lead to. Director Josh Wallace and co-writer Devin Das tell one such story with their upcoming horror-comedy Keeping Company.

Check out the full synopsis for Keeping Company:

Sonny and Noah are two brash door-to-door salesmen climbing the ranks within the corporate world of insurance. One day, after feeling the heat from their boss to get their sales numbers up, they cross paths with Lucas, an enigmatic, anti-social creature, whom they see as a potential new client. With no regard for Lucas’ plea for privacy, they rudely force their way into his house but soon find themselves trapped in his basement, incapable of escaping. As the spotlight shifts toward Lucas and his demanding Grandmother, the similarities between this sinister household and the ruthless world of business begin to parallel each other. An exploration of the importance of wealth and class in today’s society, Keeping Company mixes ruthless corporate salesmen with vicious suburban serial killers and asks if you can tell the difference.

Intrigued? Check out the trailer below:

Jacob Grodnik, Ahmed Bharoocha, and Devin Das star in the film. Keeping Company also has a stacked cast of comedians, including Gillian Vigman, Andy Buckley, and Rex Lee.

Keeping Company comes to VOD on June 7.

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